St. John Brewers US Virgin Islands
St. John Brewers US Virgin IslandsSt. John Brewers US Virgin IslandsSt. John Brewers US Virgin IslandsSt. John Brewers US Virgin Islands
St. John Brewers U.S. Virgin Islands

How to Get to St. John

Upon your arrival in St Thomas at Cyril King Airport, you’ll want to take a taxi to the ferry.  In peak season, there are generally two options; the downtown ferry from Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay, or the Red Hook ferry to Cruz Bay.  The Charlotte Amalie ferry is about a 45 minute trip, and is located five minutes or so from the airport.  Red Hook is usually a 30 minute taxi ride from the airport (although it can take longer with traffic), but the ferry ride to Cruz Bay only takes about 20 minutes.  Overall trip time is usually comparable, and taxi drivers will be able to tell you which ferry you’re more likely to make once you collect your bags.

Red Hook Ferry

Cruz Bay to Red Hook:
6:30 am, then hourly 6am-11pm

Red Hook to Cruz Bay (hourly**):
7:30 am, then hourly 8am -12am

Crossing time 20 minutes

Downtown Ferry

Cruz Bay to Charlotte Amalie: weekdays 7:15am and 3:45pm,
weekends 11:15am only.

Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay: weekdays 9am and 5:30pm,
weekends 1pm only.

Crossing time 45 minutes

*Ferry schedules subject to change.  Please confirm before travelling.

St. John Brewers - The Tap Room, Mongoose Junction USVI

Upon your arrival in Cruz Bay, the ferry dock is located almost in the center of town.  You’ll follow the road to your left, along the water, past the Customs Lot on your left.  Take a left at the Post Office, and follow the road the to far end of town, where you’ll find Mongoose Junction.  Use the far entrance to the Junction, and walk towards the Deli Grotto.  Use the spiral stairs to your right to get to the second level, and you’ll find The Tap Room  next door to Caravan Gallery  and across the hall from Holiday Homes.

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