DRAFT: Toasted Coconut Brown ale
Availability: Year Round*

Spices: Toasted Coconut

ABV: 5.4%

One of the most popular beers we brew is our Toasted Coconut Brown Ale. To make this beer we dialed back some of the roasted character by using less dark kilned grains from our traditional brown ale, gave it a rounder mouthfeel by adding flaked oats to the mash, and added freshly toasted coconut into the fermentor post fermentation. The addition of the coconut gives a wonderful aroma to this brew and also a true taste of toasted coconut goodness. *Available year round on draft at the Tap Room however sometimes due to brew schedules and full fermenters we are not able to keep up with this crowd pleasing beer. This beer is very popular as a To Go beer in a Crowler for people to enjoy at the beach or to take home to the states.

Dark brown in color, medium bodied with a mildly sweet malty finish. Inhale the fresh coconut aroma and savor the flavor of the lingering coconut finish.


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